Frequently Asked Questions:


What type of qualifications do I need?
  At EveryMethod we are looking for people who live in San Diego and have a range of technology backgrounds. To work as a residential service technician we don't require you have any formal certifications, but in turn we require that you have a passion for computing and customer service. For the small business service technician an A+ and/or a MCP is required. This applies to customers with 5 or more PC's, or who are in a server based environment. Your best asset, however, is your ability to communicate and engender trust from a wide range of EveryMethod customers.
  What type of positions are available?
  We are contracting with both Residential and Small Business technicians. EveryMethod develops territories consisting of distinct driving areas in a target city. Our customer focus is residential, SOHO and Small Business.
Will I become a full time employee at EveryMethod?
  All technicians at EveryMethod are independent contractors by status but work exclusively for us. We provide you with an exclusive territory and empower you with marketing and advertising support, transportation, uniforms, telecommunications, a call center and all the technology you need. We will manage your accounting, provide you with training and provide close guidance on what you need to do to be successful. We invest a significant amount of time and money deploying a new territory following a model we know to be successful. We will pay you a base rate plus a significant portion of the profits on all the hours you bill. You have the flexibility of running your own business with little up-front risk to you.
Is EveryMethod a Franchise?
  Everymethod is NOT a Franchise. We have run our own successful service and repair company for three years, and will continue to do so. We offer you an opportunity to participate in our success by becoming a part of our team that will develop a new territory. We don't charge exhorbitant up-front fees/commissions or make you qualify will a large required financial net worth - nor do we lock you into 10 year contracts and throw you to the wolves. We are laser focused on using our years of experience to make you successful.
Does EveryMethod provide any benefits?
  We offer a reimbursement benefit programs for all our technicians.
  Does EveryMethod provide me with clients?
  EveryMethod will invest a tremendous time, money and energy in helping you develop your territory. We pay for the correct type advertising in your exclusive area, which is designed to get the phone ringing initially and goes a long way in kick starting the business engine. However, as you know growing a business and developing trust with your clients takes time and we are in it for the long hall. In addition to hourly billing and profit share rates, EveryMethod will pay you a base rate for a period for the time you spend with us developing your region. This is the only way we can keep our technician density low and can provide larger regions in which we provide exclusive rights. I challenge any of our Franchise competitors to do the same. If you are an independent service technicians, it is seemless for you to bring your customers to EveryMethod - Contact us to find out how.
  Will bring on more technicians into my area if I need help?
  Technically you are an exclusive contractor with EveryMethod and cannot directly hire anyone. However, if you are a regional director and you develop your region enough to require additional technicans, you will be paid an override profit share on their billing. How many technicians deployed into a single region is restricted only business contraints.
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Client Comment
'EveryMethod is professional and thorough. A very impressive service.'' Sean Myers, Daylight Insurance (See more)